2019 Audi A4 Concept Specs Review

Saturday, December 16th, 2017 - Audi
2019 Audi A4 Horsepower Interior Lease

2019 Audi A4. The initial thought that excited us was that there were not many relays of the current model as there are a lot of signals being seen from the models that Audi has been taking out since 2015. But Audi A4 retains its main characteristics which are at the beginning most important for To the sector in which it competes. Being a sporty and neat is what I got where it is now and it certainly will not give it up which also means maintaining a set of parts and characteristics of the previous model.

One of the most sophisticated and handsome luxury cars soon will join the market. This is the new 2019 Audi A4. This model will be a mixture of handsome style, luxury and energy. It has already been completely redesigned last year, so there has been no need for major changes this time around. However, some refreshments and promotions will be present. What potential buyers will certainly like is a strong engine, comfortable interior, great high-tech features and excellent safety systems.

The outer part of 2019 Audi A4 follows the same recipe that made it successful in the first place and follows the redesign signs it has always provided. It can be recognized immediately as a Audi A4 but slightly larger than the previous model. The shape is the same but the franchises are a little clearer, something that has also been done with the Audi Q7 and Audi R8 models. The car also redesigned seeing more aerodynamic characteristics given by the drag coefficient of just 0.23. The pigment and headlamps were redesigned as new and the apron was redesigned only in a secondary way. The grid is characterized by clearer shapes while the headlamps have a new taste and design extends towards the fenders.

The hood is a little different and has changed along with all the other features that Audi A4 makes a bit more aggressive looking. The rear end also contains some details and sports changes that see the redesign of the bumper, shorter trunk cover and smaller rear lights. The changes in dimensions are 1 inch longer and 0.55 inches wider, and the wheelbase has gained 0.6 inches. There are actually more changes introduced to the inside of the 2019 Audi A4 that are outside. These changes will remain until the date of issue, and we do not expect to add any optional or additional equipment until then. The cabin is now very dated as it has a design that can compete with its most luxurious competitors in the sector. We still get a classic look of the dashboard but with redesigned and cleaner looking center stack and overall dash planning.

The most obvious changes are the inclusion of a 8.3-inch color display and more information and entertainment control near the center stack. The steering wheel is new and appears to be based on the Audi Prologo Concept. MMI controls are also borrowed from the said concept while the shifter is pulled directly from the R8 model. The controls are placed less into the handle which makes it easier to access and use. All this makes the look more upscale and more comfortable for the car and its use. The larger dimensions of the car also give way to more room and allow for more spacing to be added. Along with raw materials that seats upholstered with our nice looking 2019 Audi A4 model.

2019 Audi A4 will get two types of engines under the hood. The first is a 4-liter turbocharged turbocharger with an output of 190 horsepower. This unit will be paired with a six-speed manual transmission. However, the seven-speed S-Tronic dual clutch new transmission is now available so they may get this one too. The front drive system will be standard with this engine. The second is the same 2.0-liter built-in 4-turbo engine just more powerful. This one will be able to make 252 horsepower. The engine will be coupled to a new dual-speed S-Tronic 7-speed gearbox. The four-wheel drive configuration will be standard with this force. The fuel efficiency of the new Audi A4 is rated at 24 mpg in the city, 31 mpg on the highway and 27 mpg combined. Moreover, it will be faster than the current model. You will be able to get 60 mph in about 5.2 seconds. The maximum speed of this model is 130 mph.

The release date is scheduled for next year as this is the year we get our first glimpse of the 2019 Audi A4 show at the Detroit Auto Show and the sale begins early next year. The price starts from 2019 Audi A4 comes in at $37,300 but can go up to about $48,000 for the highest version.

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