2019 Audi S7 Concept Specs Review

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 - Audi
2019 Audi S7 Black Wheels White

2019 Audi S7. At this very moment, we can not say anything particularly regarding the exact date of the release of the Audi 2019 S7. The only thing that is certain is that the car will most certainly be introduced through 2018. There are some expectations that this happens during the second half From 2018, the last quarter to be more accurate. What is the Nurburgring beautiful track is. There we can spot many typical vehicles and tell what is coming. One of the models spotted is the new 2019 Audi S7. Although covered in the Swirly camouflage, the design cues taken from the Prologo concept can be found immediately. But for the “S” Audi line, beautiful design is not the most important thing. It’s what under the hood that matters. But, first things first.

Directly on the front, we can see a very wide Audi Sulfurm hexagonal grille. It’s not only wider. It’s lower and has more obvious edges. This is not the only thing taken from this concept, but we can also see a pair of thin LED lights. Even camouflage can not hide a beautiful neat line from front to rear end. While the side is embellished with large wheels, the rear is probably the most interesting. It’s not because of the exhaust pipes or rear LED lights, but this model contains a pop-up spoiler. This item piece may be on the production model as well.

The design side, the 2019 Audi S7 also brings a new platform. The floor is about the Evo MLB platform that will support most Audi models. Thanks to that, the new S7 will lose about 220 pounds resulting in better performance and handling. The first thing you can expect is a more modern cabin, thanks to the new platform, so there will definitely be more leg room. Luxury interior will not be just a luxury. Of course, we expect a high level of comfort. In addition to Falcona leather seats with diamond stitching like the Audi S6 and S8, S7 will be packed with high-end technology.

Audi’s virtual cockpit, a mummy interface with sophisticated sound recognition and hand gestures, oleid screens are just some of them. More interesting is semi-independent technology such as traffic Jam help. It can control driving the vehicle up to speeds of 37 miles per hour. There is also a self parking feature that will be done by smart application and all possible because of the use of radar, ultrasonic sensors, laser and many cameras.

The engine options that the manufacturer will offer for the 2019 Audi S7 will be, certainly, very reliable and very powerful. There are some expectations that the car will have a four-cylinder engine and that it will also be a V6 engine. As for its power, there are some expectations that the car will be able to produce about 400 horsepower. As for fuel consumption, it is expected that the car has 25 MB of combined fuel consumption. This was all that is known, so far, about 2019 Audi S7. This data gives us hope that the Audi 2019 S7 will be another great addition of the Audi family. This car will have everything from great design and features to perfect engine options and solutions. We will wait and see what specially prepared the manufacturer for us.

However, there are some indications that the model will be available for purchase in the first quarter of 2019. It should be noted that this is not official data and that the manufacturer’s announcement is pending on this issue. Needless to say that the 2019 Audi S7 is part of a range of exclusive cars . The reason for this is not only the great tradition and name that the manufacturer built for it, but it also lies in the fact that this car will have great equipment and stability. The exact price is not given strictly by the manufacturer. On the other hand, there were some predictions that the basic version of this model could range from $75,000 to $85,000.

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