2019 Bentley 4×4 Concept Specs Review

Sunday, December 17th, 2017 - Bentley
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2019 Bentley 4×4. Bentley is basing its new Bentley 4×4 on the upcoming SIP platform that will be used throughout the Volkswagen range products, including the next Porsche Panamera. This means you can expect excellent refinement and comfort from the current car to be transported through, although the use of aluminum in construction should make the new model much lighter than previous generations performance and efficiency aid. For sale since 2011, Bentley 4×4 has always been the best-selling model for its class.

The fact is that when you look at more luxury brands, it will be difficult for one to have as many sales as Bentley 4×4, even if you are thinking about the great success of the Bentayga SUV. Bentley unveiled an alternative to its popularity Bentley 4×4. The current car went on sale in 2011 and rivals models from Aston Martin and Mercedes. The new car will take center stage in the revitalized Bentley lineup which aims to drive the CRU manufacturer to sales of over 20,000 models annually.

The new 2019 Bentley 4×4 has remained relatively evolutionary in terms of design and dimensions and will remain almost intact, although the front and rear of the overhangs do not appear shorter mean increased wheelbase for more cabin space. The front is characterized by a traditional Bentley network, with dramatic headlights similar to those used in the new Bentayga. At all, the design has addressed the X10 Speed ​​Six concept that was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 2015, but Bentley is also rumored to be launching a smaller, more sporty model based on this concept. This means that some key changes are likely to be made to allow the distinction between the models.

The new 2019 Bentley 4×4 interior is as sumptuous as you would expect, and continue to the Bentley tradition of using top-notch materials and having a luxurious feel. Continental shares the interior design with Bentayga, but Bentley may add more technology, such as its own version of Audi’s virtual cockpit for future design. Of course, the information system and spot entertainment and Apple Car Play also advantage. In terms of space, the traditional 2 + 2 layout is still intact, with plenty of space for two to travel in comfort or four in a pinch, even in transit flights across the continent. The longer wheelbase of the new car should improve this more and free up more baggage space on the old model – not that it was missing in that section.

Bentley has launched an updated 6.0 liter V12 engine at Bentayga and this will be the main engine in the new 2019 Bentley 4×4. It will probably produce more than 600 hp and should give a devastating performance with a lower fuel economy compared to the current version. There should be an updated version of the current 4.0 liter V8 turbo engine, possibly followed by a hybrid engine capable of producing more than 400 horsepower while using very little fuel.

According to most rumors that we were reading and hearing about 2019 Bentley 4×4, we expect to go for sale early next year. Although there are no official prices by Bentley yet, we expect to see an increase in the price of 2019 Bentley 4×4. Considering that the current generation Bentley 4×4 is sold by $214,600, we expect to see the 2019 price of Bentley 4×4 at about $220,000.

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