2019 Bentley Continental Supersports Concept Specs Review

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 - Bentley
2019 Bentley Continental Supersports Tuning Test Convertible Price Uk

2019 Bentley Continental Supersports. There are a lot of interesting things that have been set up in the new Continental Supersports which is scheduled to become the 2019 model. The full design of this car is truly affected by the 10 X Speed ​​6 that was released in 2015. A new look of Continental Supersports is usually streamlined and effective compared to With current design. Spy photos reveal that the car has 2 + 2 seat chairs that differ from the X10 concept which is a sport two sitting down the car. Here are some properties that can be compiled associated with Bentley Continental Supersports. There is a lot of error with the current 9996 Bentley.

Yes, it is majestic in appearance and incredibly luxurious inside, but the current model is also six years old planting things, about, fourteen, years old, architecture. Also sits on the Phaeton platform type of diluted deluxe flavor of the whole deal, taking into account the former main model Fu pure failure in the global market. This interior luxury has hardly changed since 2003, nor has the exterior gone much further. Brits finally gather their senses, and the brand new (but really new) 2019 Bentley Continental Supersports.

When you first touch with new stuff, you may just laugh it just flange and tuck in the Bentley style. But pay more attention now. X10 Speed ​​6 Concept Preview This moment promised a lot and the British actually managed to make a lot of it. Conte has finally abandoned the world plump obesity and entered a new era of male masculinity. It did not become DB11, but significant progress is evident. The best thing is that it has not lost anything of that super flavor, so it got better planted with some dose of grace now.

And it’s not only because of this smaller body, wider grille, the oval tail lights did not share it too, while the more aggressive front sockets and dynamic lines are added here and there sealed the deal story. It’s still lavish. Or better luxurious. But, cumbersome, protruding dash cave way to utter the most elegance without losing anything on the front of extravagance. And everything for you, for his design of the earth. How so? Well, you have 15 choice of different leather furnishings, 8 options for the veneer, including the dual veneer feature for the first time hit this number, 17 exterior colors and 15 (yes 15!) Carpet floor options. The central console has a “tri-polar” disturbance because it can withstand a 12.3-inch touch screen, some analog dial or simply act as a correction of the selected trimming. The mechanism responsible for the rotation performance of a special part of the center console has 40 moving components and two separate motors, just simple do not go with these mattresses.

Bentley has yet to reveal which engines will power the new 2019 Bentley Continental Supersports. Neverhills, the models probably use current V-8 and W-12 engines. Perhaps the automaker will modify the engine to produce additional power. And 4. The L-twin turbo V-8 mill will be tweaked to create about 550 hp. The 6. L, W-12, on the contrary, is expected to be tweaked to create about 635 horsepower even from 582 horses. There is a babble from the hybrid pay instruction for the 2019 Bentley Continental Supersports model but Bentley is only to check or reject gossip.

The list under the range tops 6. W12 W, which generates 18 bhp more than the outgoing W12, the latest version of the current car 4.0 L V8 fuel will be provided, Expanded energy productivity in the past 521 bhp of model. 2019 Bentley Continental Supersports has provided a second all-in-one W-12 and V-8 engine options. While it is unlikely to see the diesel engine installed in the car, check the check in the hybrid is still verified. Bought the W-12 to be the only option in their release. It is likely to be the new dual-turbo 6-liter W-12 with an instant power shot that created its debut in 2016 Bentley Bentayga. Side with a productivity of at least 600 HP, up from 582 hp current in the latest model 2018.

Approximate price of new cars 2019 Bentley Continental Supersports ranges from $190,000 – $200,000 according to the current money trading price. If there are changes in the price of the Bentley Continental Supersports cars 2019. We now have not seen anything to admit, but the options suggest that we should expect the unveiling of the new 2019 Bentley Continental Supersports at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018, with the income coming after this same year exactly. We see that the only energy option at first is likely to be W12.

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