2019 Bentley Convertible Concept Specs Review

Monday, December 4th, 2017 - Bentley
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2019 Bentley Convertible. Bentley aims to build on the record sales and thriving success of Bentayga SUVs with this new generation of the third-generation Bentley Convertible sports tour, which was first publicly unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2018. The front-end design of the newcomer includes elements that They are displayed on a Bentley X 10 Speed ​​6 sports car.

Meanwhile, the back of the “Conch” is kept on the wheels, but the tail lights and hatches be more smooth, look more resolved. The 2019 Bentley Convertible is now one of the oldest models in production, with the original Coupe debuted on the scene at the time of the Geneva Motor Show 2003. Yes, the car has undergone many updates since then but the basic design and underline platform has continued unchanged Over the years.

What is immediately apparent is that the Bentley X 10 Speed ​​6 Concept of 2015 was an inspiration for the design. The 2019 Bentley Convertible design is to adopt a more streamlined, more dynamic look than the current model, and must prove to be a solution. The inside peek also reveals some new details such as the digital tool block. This is not a production version of X10 Speed ​​6 as some reported, the car size is compared with the current Convertible and in some shots you can make out 2 + 2 seating arrangements.

The X10 Speed ​​6, if approved for production, will be the appropriate sports car with only two seats. The redesigned Convertible redesign is a Volkswagen sound platform set designed for large, rear cars and all-wheel drive drives with front-mounted engines. Platform debut in 2018 Porsche Panamera. Porsche has been responsible for the development of the platform, thanks to the increased use of lightweight materials such as high-strength steel and aluminum in its construction should result in significant savings in weight for the redesign of Convertible.

The platform also ends up in a re-designed aviation catalyst. 2.3-inch screen The quality of the retina is the technological focus of the cab. When the 2019 Bentley Convertible is turned off, it looks fasily like a single piece of wood veneer. Shooting up the ignition, rotating the screen to show the information system and entertainment. However, the setting is actually a display of three sides that can spin again to show the triple of the analog instrument demand – chronometer, external air temperature and compass.

The rotary screen contains 40 moving components, and uses two separate engines – each with its own gearbox – and adapts to the temperature and atmospheric pressure. Elsewhere in the cabin there is ever greater scope for customization, with a wide range of cortex and new cutes de Geneve Metal end turned. Owners can also associate the selected colors on the link to get the contrast effect. There is a wide range of hiding, too, with 15 finishes to choose from.

It makes 2019 Bentley Convertible W12 engine use which can create about 600 horsepower. It offers some engine variants for this type of 4.0 L gasoline engine V8 and a V6 gasoline plug-in hybrid that can create about 410 horsepower. With these engine substitutions and engine power, surely, this car will be ready to hit the city street and the highway.

Shortly after the coupe arrives, Bentley will launch the redesigned 2019 Bentley Convertible. Convertible Redesign must debut soon. Will arrive in the market late this year or early next, as the 2019 model.

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