2019 BMW 1er Concept Specs Review

Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 - BMW
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2019 BMW 1er. So far, very little is known about the new BMW 1er, but one large factor can be somewhat detrimental to its success: it turns from a rod structure to a food structure. It’s a sure step to stack up some feathers in the Beamer community. This switch is made by the UCLE platform which debut in the 2014 Mini Cooper and now supports the new BMW 1er sedan, the 2 Series Active Torre, and the X1.

Outside this, the new BMW 1er will shed the exterior design for a more aggressive look with a slightly longer wheelbase than the previous models. BMW is also known to have dropped the three-door model, leaving only the five door aperture to fight models such as Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, and others. The next hatchback BMW 1er has been tested in camouflage. In these photos, the new BMW compact car stands next to the current Faux Golf, giving us an idea of ​​how much it will be when it hits in 2019.

The new 2019 BMW 1er will have evolutionary design changes rather than revolutionary ones. It will look similar to the current model and the size will be similar. The front will borrow the design cues from the 5 series including the signature of the big BMW “kidney” grilles.In these spy shots, the BMW 1er strategically parked next to the current VW golf give us an idea of ​​the size of the car. It’s almost the same width as golf though the hood seems to sit higher than the VW.

The new BMW 1er will have a more modern compartment than the outbound version, including the borrowed technology from the new 5 Series. There will be a large information and entertainment center screen and an aluminum or wood trim option. Thanks to sharing parts with the larger Mini-Countryman, the new car will be more practical than the old one. Background background will be greatly improved, and these spy shots suggest that the back door will be more easily shaped. The controversial four-wheel drive will boost the shoe to improve the old-fashioned 360-liter capacity.

This is where things really get interesting. With the next generation 2019 BMW 1er taking advantage of the BMW EOL platform, it is clear that the standard is offered with front-wheel drive. A full range of three and four-cylinder engines on the table depending on the trim level with anywhere from 100 horsepower up to 360 horsepower in the M1 or what we suspect to be in this picture, the M140i.

As such, M-branded variants of the new generation can be introduced with a four-wheel drive based on a hybrid system that places an electric motor in the rear axle. A version of the plug-in hybrid version on the table is also the possibility of an entire electric model at some point on the road. The plug-in models are more considering the MOM already has a few plug-in models based on EOL platform, but each electrical model is definitely not out of this question. Transportation options are still in the air, but the six-speed manual should be available.

For those who prefer a more automated experience, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with paddle shifters can be on the table as well. M-branded models like those you see in the pictures here will get the M-Sport suspension that lowers the ride height by nearly one inch, while the active exhaust system will keep things audibly comfortable through day-to-day moving or obnoxious When you decide to urinate on Monday morning when you leave work. The M brand models will achieve higher brakes and larger wheels than the base models.

The new series 2, based on the same new four-wheel drive, must be released in 2019 in both coupe and cabriolet. The new 2019 BMW 1er is expected to be sold in late 2018 or early 2019, and can cost roughly the same as the £19,709 outgoing model.

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