2019 BMW I3 Concept Specs Review

Monday, December 25th, 2017 - BMW
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2019 BMW I3. Unlike many other cars on the road, the BMW I3 actually uses a carbon fiber basin. This makes them the cheapest car to use this technology which is very impressive considering how much technology it introduces into it. Carbon fiber construction also means a very light car for an electric car. 2019 BMW I3 Electric car with big pomp went to mass production. The German company has arranged a presentation of new items at the same time in New York, Beijing and London. It became a bold concept with a lot of innovation a reality, and soon the car appeared on roads all over the world. The BMW 2019 brand is now fun driving with zero emissions. The running distance in the electric car is ample, but some want more, so the manufacturer made a special modification of the gasoline engine generator.

At first glance, the new BMW I3 may look similar to its predecessor. However, this is not really the case. Headlights and tail lamps use new LED kits in order to look a bit more modern. Also, the fog lamps are now horizontal led strips instead of the old round style that were not really matching the rest of the car. The new “s” model is more special. This gets the new front bumper, wider wheel bows, 20 inch new rims that are also a half-inch wider. Thanks to the car looks more than before, and also more careful to go fast.

The normal electric model weighs less than 2,700 pounds while the extended version weighs less than 2,900 pounds, which is very impressive. Although at this point it is still unclear, it seems that the 2019 model of the car will go on sale soon. It is likely that the price will not change much since all the promotions it has received. The only real change to its pricing will come at the upper end of the range but more on that later. Unfortunately the cabin of 2019 BMW I3 is actually mostly identical to the one before that. The car gets the same seats and materials and a comprehensive view of the dashboard.

The interesting part is the new “s” model which is the sports version of the car. This gets a little different upholstery, contrasting stitching as well as different accents in order to make it look a bit more interesting than regular models. Another change is the information and entertainment system in the car. While the screen is the same resolution as before, the hardware and software of the system has been replaced with the latest BDU subtraction module that is faster and easier to use than before.

The regular electric version of the 2019 BMW I3 still offers 170 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque. This is more than enough to make BMW I3 feel a little faster than many other family cars. The version “s” on the other hand is slightly different. This has a new electric motor that has different bearings as well as a new controller. The end result is 184 horsepower and 199 lb-ft of torque. This is enough to allow the car to reach 60 mph just 6.8 seconds and reach a top speed of about 100 mph which is slightly better than before.

The base model now gets a 33.2 kWh battery pack which is enough for up to 114 miles of all electrical range. The Expanded Scale model gets a gasoline generator added that will expand this range up to 180 miles. Unfortunately, the Rex BMW I3 will only have an electric range of 97 miles due to the added weight of the generator.

The initial price of £30,680 in the UK will be reduced by $5,000 due to a government grant, and local buyers are meant for all-electric vehicles. In the United States, 2019 BMW I3 will cost $41,350, the version with the generator engine and extended travel is 45,200. In Germany, the price of electricity starts at 34,950 euros.

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