2019 Ford GT Concept Specs Review

Thursday, December 14th, 2017 - Ford
2019 Ford Gt Msrp Le Mans 1966 Vs Ferrari

2019 Ford GT. This is a car built on sentiment. Sure, there were other reasons for the Ford GT, such as the creation of a test bed technology and taking the Ford brand on the international racing circuit to be enhanced through the reflected facade. But very, a family with serious resources just think the class win in Le Man in the 50th anniversary of the famous Ferrari’s famous droping will be cool. And with a lot of sweat, some tears, a dash of luck, make their people possible. All of this is included in this car. The experience is singular.

They are now trying again to release the new Ford GT model, but unlike the car released more than a decade ago, this new car will just be that, a brand new car that will share little with nothing with the original racing car. In fact, the 2019 version is one of the most impressive Supercars out there and although it has not made them available for sale just after there are many people who want one. This would make the car very exclusive and it certainly will allow Ford to develop more on its success and apply improved technology solutions to another model.

As we mentioned, the 2019 Ford GT structure is basically a carbon fiber tubing with carbon fiber body elements. The suspension consists of a combination of high strenFord GTh steel and aluminum wheels while the vehicle is made of lightweight forged alloys. This allows Ford to make a car that weighs less than 3,000 pounds and is very impressive in this day and age, especially compared to similar vehicles in the sector.

While the engine in this new Hypercar is certainly impressive, outside it is much more impressive than that. While many manufacturers are getting inspiration from the aviation industry, they actually use aviation technology on 2019 Ford GT. The car features two large flying stents on the sides that direct air towards the radiator while the air used to cool the brakes exhausted during the mid of Tail lights. The car also utilizes active aerodynamic features such as a large rear wing and a front trapezoid allowing it to remain stable on high-speed runs and very graceful at corners.

Inside the cabin, while the Ford GT is very impressive as well, it offers only basic features such as the Sync 3 entertainment system Ford and Climate Control Unit. There are only two carbon fiber seats in order to save weight as well as a small but very nice steering wheel. Also, instead of offering a traditional toolkit, the 2019 Ford GT will be available only with a fully customizable digital set that will feed the driver all the information he needs.

To run this monster, there is a 3.5 liter newly built V6 that has been built based on the current engine lineup. However, Ford said that this is essentially a completely new engine with new interior components as well as a new turbo that should be sufficient to allow it to develop more than 600 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. The most impressive achievement here is that Ford has already announced that this engine will not be powered by any electric motors, so the car will instead provide the classic gearbox.

The gearbox used in the next 2019 Ford GT is a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic that will send all of its power To the rear wheels. In order to help him put the force on the ground, the car also benefits from electronic differential. We expect it to reach 60 mph in about 3 seconds and get up to a maximum speed of over 220 mph.

The only thing we do not like is the price, if Ford really decided to bring it with $400,000 the tag would be interesting to see how it would deal with models such as the 458 Ferrari, the Huracan Lamborghini, the 650s McLaren and the like which cost between $200,000 – $280,000 and offers similar amounts of energy. There are many great supercars on the market and Ford will have a lot of trouble with different Varese, Lampus, McLarens and the like. What you get from this car maker in the United States is a unique and completely different appearance, all packed in a body that is a real successor to the iconic 2019 Ford GT model.

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