2019 Ginetta G40 Concept Specs Review

Thursday, December 7th, 2017 - Ginetta
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2019 Ginetta G40. The times were particularly turbulent in the 1990s, when they were struggling against recession and failure, despite creating exciting cars like the G33. Ginetta G40, a new sports car from a Leeds-based company. There will be race versions and roads, although the latter is unlikely to appear until later in the year, at a cost of around £30K. Here we sample a Ginetta G40 race at Silverstone. Now Ginetta has made back as a car road product too, first with the Ginetta G40R we tested here. Which is followed by the Grand Torr G60 to the market. Not surprisingly, as the name suggests, the Ginetta G40R is the alternative going way of Ginetta G40 racing car. This is a big gamble because so many big names have failed to move from track to Tarmac.

Great fun. We dig Ginetta G40s with two different groups around the national circle, and while no one was great (the front was too soft and exaggerating the overstatement), the other was immediately on – the caps of the grip and the sweet mobile back that thanks to a reasonably low power output, Keep under control with ease as you power off the corners. The steering is sweet and precise and the Ginetta G40 in a five-speed manual gearbox is as snappy and responsive as you might wish for.

The brakes are well worth mentioning – 280MM discs each round, with four calipers forward bowl and two pot in the back, they rub off speed with impressive influence. The 2019 Ginetta G40 is a hugely enjoyable car that’s easy and accessible to drive quickly. Something good, as she starred starring Genita Junior for 14-17 years of age.

The ingredients that come into making 2019 Ginetta G40 are simple refreshing. The Ford Zentic 1800cc engine, which offers 140bhp suspension in the front of a lightweight rear chassis, weighing only 850 kg, means an average power consumption of 167bhp / t. All Ginetta G40s – Road or Race versions – will come with VIA certified roll cage.

You do not have to be in the final stages of puberty for one race. Pick up 2019 Ginetta G40 £24,950 (plus VAT) and you can enter the number of race series, including 24 hour innovation. And if you’re afraid 140bhp is not enough, Genita calculates a structure that can handle up to 300bhp, with the Cosworth variant on turbo cards. On the road, we believe it will not feel quite as sharp as Lotus Elise. It seems bigger, there are more cars around you, and it is likely to be down the lightness of agility. We are waiting for one in Roging’s specifications, of course. It certainly drives the most obvious enemy very hard when it arrives.

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