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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 - Opel
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2019 Opel Crossland. Europe has always been a strong market for city cars, unlike the United States. As the desire for transitions is unlikely to flow, brands are racing to provide as many models as possible. We have already mentioned how high demand has led to the creation of parentheses with the same merged chip, with the number of brands offering a double offer increasing, so the same thinking should eventually be withdrawn to other segments. The small SUV sector gets interesting every day coming as automakers try to outdo each other. Do not leave behind, Opel has released a new small car called “Opel Crossland” which in all views is a smaller version of Mokka X.

The idea behind the new model is the failure of the Mokka X to compete with smaller SUVs such as the 2008 Peugeot and Renault Captor Has done a good job of competing with the likes of Mazda-3 and Nissan Jock. Therefore, we can say that version 2019 Opel Crossland is a smaller, cheaper and less expensive version of Mokka X. When launching this model, Tina Muller, Omel’s Tamo hinted that a small SUV would be of special interest to women due to its high seating positions and Post OnStar services that allow The individual even booked a hotel room while still driving. Read along for more information:

Outside of 2019 Opel Crossland is borrowed from that of Mokka X SUV. The Opel Crossland comes with the same 7-face grille that surrounds it by piercing the headlamps. The angular model of Led Lirl is also distinguished just like Mokka X. In fact, except for its small size, you can easily error Opel Crossland for Mokka X. The only difference between the two models in the fort is that the Opel Crossland has a new bumper. However, the background is different. While the Mokka background is bulky and rugged, that of Opel Crossland is smoother and has a funky design. The model has a floating roof borrowed from Opel Adam.

This appearance is enhanced by chrome detailing above the side windows as well as contrasting ceiling color. The Opel Crossland also features a carved plate that breaks its metal making it look random than it actually is. The interior of the 2019 Opel Crossland looks familiar because it is based on the interior design of the current Opel models. Like other Opel models, the Opel Crossland comes with a simple central controller with huge information and entertainment screen. Below this screen are the physical controls of heating and ventilation systems. It also offers the hot-wifi model and the UnStar OnStar virtual assistant, which is compatible with Android and Apple Car Play cars as standard features on all models. The body model will give the driver a driving position that leads to a good vision of the road.

The body lift also makes it easy to fit children’s seats, many mothers feature will fall in love with. The cabin accommodates five passengers in seats that are upholstered in quality fabric. To improve practical capacity, rear seats can slide on rails. This helps to increase the rear passenger room area or increase the cargo area as the case may be. With the seats completely sliding forward, the model can accommodate 520 liters of cargo space, which is even larger than the Renault Captor. Tech-wise, Opel Crossland features a 180-Degrerr camera display, auxiliary park, frown, frontal collision warning with pedestrian detection, blind spot blind spot and recognition speed.

The 1.4-liter turbocharged engine is likely to be the 140 hp or 152 hp gasoline engine. The model is likely to get a 1.6 liter diesel mill that produces 110 hp or 136 hp. We expect the model to have impressive fuel economy numbers given the more efficient Mokka X returns more than 72 mpg. Unfortunately Opel has not announced what motors will power 2019 Opel Crossland. They said that although the car will only be available with the front drive. This was expected due to none of his competitors offering each steering wheel.

We expect the main engine to be the Opel 1-liter turbo-built 3 with 90 or 115 horsepower. Furthermore, there should be a 1.4-liter turbo four with 100 horsepower and 148 lb-ft of torque also available. It remains unclear whether my 1.3-liter engine will be transported, especially as it will boast a new platform. Some suggested that a diesel 1.4-liter PSA diesel may be an option. However, we find the Opel 1.3 liter diesel to be the superior engine, so let’s hope things will not change here.

So you’ll lose something if you go for 2019 Opel Crossland on Mokka. In the first place, you will lose 63 mm in length, 16 mm in width and 69 mm in height. On the other hand, you will gain more city maneuverability and easy parking capabilities. Interestingly you will get a larger boot with a smaller brother, 420 liters against 357 liters, and a very comfortable Opel Crossland rear bench can slide the cargo to 520 liters which is a wonderful figure for its class.

Opel Crossland was presented to the public at the recent International Motor Show in Berlin. Sales will stop later this summer. Opel has not released official prices for 2019 Opel Crossland. However, reliable reports indicate that the basic model will have a starting price of around $19,000 while a higher trim will bring $29,000.

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