2019 Porsche 918 Concept Specs Review

Sunday, December 10th, 2017 - Porsche
2019 Porsche 918 Vs Mclaren P1 Quarter Mile Wallpaper

2019 Porsche 918. If Porsche is really interested with the retaining of anchored seats, it had to hem in lightweight buckets of all sides, because this car generates troops stobying in all directions. What is really amazing, though, is how superhero powers are friendly. The world premiere of Super Hybrid 2019 Porsche 918 was held at the Frankfurt show. The manufacturer worked hard on the car, trying to reach perfection. At first, the force was 770 horsepower, but at the end of the developers outdid themselves. Super built with motor sports technology, thus impressive performance.

Exterior design of the future 2019 Porsche 918 will be amazing. At first glance we can note some of Porsche’s roots on its exterior design and this is of course planned. 2019 Porsche 918 Concept This model is based on Carrera G but its design is not complete memories of the model mentioned. The latest 2019 Porsche 918 has a low position linked to some smooth curves and lines that are provided to provide a Porsche 918 organic Spyder look. The updated LED technology fuels the classic Porsche headlights. At the front, we can also see the very large front wings and muscular fitted with more impressive and massive air entrances that make it look more threatening.

To improve the efficiency and speed of the vehicle, engineers use lightweight materials in construction. At the back, the rear lights are equipped with the same technology as the headlights, and we can also see the “Porsche characters” between the lights. The expected model will be run on very large wheels of 19 inches made of high quality alloy wheels. Interior comfort has never been a flaw in the Panamera – it has always been a driver’s car and a luxury sedan, both, and the latest cars refined that successful design.

There is enough front and rear, plus decent storage space, even with a battery pack sub-floor of the Hybrid E. The dashboard layout has been redesigned to better customize the information, but it will be familiar to any Porsche enthusiast. The touch keys clean the central hub of the holes – there are still many things between the information and entertainment system and the information and entertainment system, so plan to spend some time studying to get the most out of the new computer.

The vehicle is equipped with a hybrid power plant, consisting of an internal combustion engine and two electric motors, one of which is mounted on the front. More than every eight attempts a gasoline engine, which develops 608 horsepower with a working volume of 4.6 liters. The total capacity reaches more than 880 horsepower. 2019 Porsche 918 requires only three liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which would be efficient and even some hybrids with much more modest performance. Supercar changes its character depending on the specific operating mode of the hybrid engine.

The electronic energy is clean and the most economical, as the motion is moved at the expense of electric motors. The traction battery charge will be sufficient to exceed a distance of 16 to 32 kilometers, and then the work will carry the internal combustion engine. Wonderland and the outstanding performance of the car is not worth waiting in this mode. Acceleration from zero to one hundred takes about seven seconds compared to 2.8 rated, and maximum speed is limited at about 150 km / h. Hybrid focuses on low fuel consumption, and improves the dynamics of hybrid sport mode provides.

The maximum capacity of the power plant is achieved in hybrid racing mode. The hot lap button allows you to use all possible resources, but only for a few quick laps. The battery is liquid cooled and the service is guaranteed for seven years which can be shipped from a home network for four hours. 2019 Porsche Speed ​​Charging Station A special charger will reduce the operation to 25 minutes.

Hybrid should be fast and exclusive, leaving the number 2019 Porsche 918 units, 845,000 US dollars, and in Russia nearly one million euros.

2019 Porsche 918 Rsr Cost Hybrid Price

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