2019 Volvo V30 Concept Specs Review

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 - Volvo
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2019 Volvo V30. This step to kill Volvo V30 is both logical and predictable, part of Volvo’s push to reduce its range to a few basic, profitable models. The production of new Volvo V30s may have stopped, but Volvo says it has enough three-door gates in supply to support sales through the best part of the 2013 model year here in the United States looks as if the attractive Volvo V30 Polestar Limited Edition Company recently debuted Directly or indirectly, it turns out to be a type of transmission for Volvo V30 as a whole.

The side that lies in the future of Volvo V30 is whether Volvo plans to replace it with anything, either at home or abroad. Just as the S40 and V50 are sold in low numbers towards the end of their lives, not even Volvo V30 now; in addition, it makes no sense for Volvo to keep producing only one model on the aging platform once shared by 2019 Volvo V30s. Considering that Volvo is now unloading the same V40 V door in Europe, it is surprised that Volvo V30 is now only being canceled.

The car carries a building that distinguishes it from other hatchbacks on the road. Is shorter, more streamlined and aerobic fit. The overall shape is more agile than the other of this category, adds plush to its appearance, making sure that the performance is also good. Starting from the front, it has a Volvo Grille signature, hexagonal in shape. The company logo is stuck on top of it, crossing it across a slanted line. The headlights on either side are spot-shaped and sleek, complete with LEDs and all the lighting necessities of the day.

Dual xenon active headlamps are also present. Under this, the air vents are separated into three parts, this gives the car a cooler look than the front. Two smaller lights sit by the air vent panels on either side. The front slides slide over and form large wheel fenders on the side. Alloy 17-inch wheels add flavor to the side. The hatchback is worse and more dignified in its construction, but the two lateral side adds a real dash to its appearance. The hood rises nicely and forms a windshield, which is slanted. The ceiling rises and falls harmoniously towards the rear.

The back of the car has a unique, but attractive display. It has a large rear window that takes forward to the finish, and the back door is completely formed. On the sides are tail lamps that are slim at the top, and wider at the bottom. They are integrated with adaptive brake lights, turn lights and worn lights. It has strong external measurements, which aim at harmony in construction. Its length is 4265 mm, slender and long. Its width is 1781 mm, while the height is rather short in construction, as it is only 1445 mm. The wheelbase is also strong at 2639 mm.

The car has a ground clearance of 135 mm, and has a huge trunk capacity of 235 liters. Its non-weight weight is 1479 kg, and the maximum gross weight is 1900 kg. The cabin is detailed and decorated for the best luxury possible accommodation. Beside just being plush, they are large and spacious and can accommodate an entire family. The comfort reflects all aspects of the cabin, with large benches that are laid out for luxury, to detail furnishings. The seats are of ergonomic design, carrying loads of functions for the best quality ride. They have adjustable lumbar support and come with multiple adjustment possibilities.

There is an integrated hanger cover behind the seats, along with a front pocket. The cabin has electric front seats. The front central armrest provides extra comfort for passengers. A range of features ensure that the needs of people in the cabin are well-tended to. Upholstery is R-leather design, with inserts in door panels. The cabin also comes with carpets outside the floors and mats. The gear shifter has leather inserts along with inlays aluminum. Sports pedals in polished aluminum. In addition to all this, the car also brings the best quality environment for passengers.

Air conditioning is premium, assisted by electronic climate control, along with the “internal air quality system”. There are two-wheel drive options available. One of them is just a leather steering wheel, while the other is a leather steering wheel with inlays aluminum and the logo “R-Design”. The high-performance audio system takes care of the entertainment of people in 2019 Volvo V30. Additional necessities are provided with USB input and Aux input. Portable navigation system with the help of the screen exists in, with luxury and comfort to new heights.

As mentioned previously, the international version comes with a range of engines from both gasoline and diesel formats. Among the petrol engines, there is a 1.6 liter trim as the core version. It gives a displacement of 1596 cc. Moreover, it has a maximum power of up to 101 hp maximum torque of 149 Nm. The next among the petrol plants is the 2.0-liter engine. This hammers engine with displacement value of 1999 cc. In addition, it delivers a power of 145 hp, and a torque of 184 Nm. Next is a 2.4 liter mill. It has a displacement of 2435 cc, a maximum power of 170 hp, and a maximum torque of 229 Nm.

The high-end gasoline engine is a 2.5 liter T5 engine. This crusher produces displacement value of 2521 cc. Moreover, it has a peak power and torque respectively of 230 hp and 320 Nm. This mill is assisted with a 6-speed manual gearbox for higher accuracy in gear shifting and improved performance. However, the remaining gasoline engines are combined into a five-speed manual gearbox. Coming to the diesel decors, the first is a 1.6 liter with a 1560 cc drive, a maximum power of 114 hp, and a maximum 270 nm torque. The 2019 Volvo V30 5-speed manual gearbox is powered, it allows the car to hit a top speed of 190 kmph, and the acceleration rate is 11.3 seconds. Next in the diesel engine line up a 2.0-liter D3 engine.

This 1984 cc plant produces a peak power of 150 hp along with a maximum torque of 350 nm. With the help of a 6-speed automatic gearbox, it allows for a top speed of 204 kmph and an acceleration rate of 9.4 seconds. Another and more capable of diesel plants is the 2.5 liter engine 5. This one has a displacement of 2400 cc. It comes out of a peak power of 180 hp and a 450 nm bombardment. It is packed with a 6-speed automatic gearbox.

The most important condition, previously safety, is also good care. 2019 Volvo V30 complete on all standard safety requirements. It has tight seat belts for all passengers, cushioned cushions. The suspension system is first class, with spring stents MacPherson. The car takes care of its passengers further by bringing techno-aids such as brake braking system and electronic brake force distribution.

It has a parking sensor to offer aid when reversing. In addition, it has dynamic stability and traction control feature that brings better ride control. The front structure is exploited with the power absorption function, which makes protection against the effects. The side-impact protection system also provides more security for the vehicle. All this and more ensures that this car is secured in terms of safety requirements.

2019 Volvo V30 R Reliability Hatchback

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