Honda Avancier Concept Specs Review

Friday, December 28th, 2018 - Honda
Honda Avancier Review

Honda Avancier. The Chinese public was lucky to see the new Honda Crossover, but that does not mean that the Japanese automaker will not offer the all-new coupe in other markets. In addition, recent rumors indicate that the 2018 Honda Avancier can easily reach North America, so look for the amazing car at the upcoming Auto Show in Los Angeles or early next year at the Detroit Motor Show in 2017. According to the latest reports, the model American specifications UU. It will not be entirely different from the Chinese version, so we already know what we expect.

We are not sure whether Honda has planned for something like that, but next year 2018 Honda Avancier really looks like the successor to Crosstour. After all, the name “Avancier” may be special for the Asian market, so it could be the new generation of Honda Crosstour. In any case, the crossover looks really great. The beautiful body has a great resemblance to the Honda D concept car, but it does not point to the facade, which is unique and quite ordinary. There are front lights and LED fog lamps, as well as a high carved hood with a triple ventilation kit. Formation of triple ventilation. In general, the car looks wide and dynamic, but this is due to the wide side skirts and really large wheel arches. On the way back, the Avancier car of 2018 is not very aggressive. An automatic car made an attractive backlight, attached to a chrome band, while the twin exhaust appeared ready for a powerful engine.

Avancier 2018 will use a new 2.0-liter turbine engine. This unit is called “Sports Turbo” completely new at this time, and we have no more details about it. For other options, the basic model is likely to use a 2.4 liter unit of natural suction. The motors must be compatible with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a 4WD system only.

We are not completely satisfied with anything internal, because it is always better. However, this time, we have no comments. The crossover looks somewhat luxurious with luxury materials and leather upholstery. The central stack is well structured, while the big screen appears to touch in the right place. Seats have the option of heating and ventilation, and passengers in the back seat can use the touch screen for entertainment. Honda’s HENSING system, which undoubtedly includes some amazing safety features such as lane maintenance assistance, steering-assisted mitigation, active speed control, and rear parking assistance.

There is nothing official about the Honda Avancheri 2018 price, but we think it can not cost less than $40,000.

Honda Avancier Usa

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