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Thursday, December 13th, 2018 - Volkswagen
Vw Tiguan 2019 Release Date

VW Tiguan 2019. What will change with the PHEV model? Well, there will not be much, but there will be some. We hope that the eight-inch information and entertainment screen is standard. You can get a special home screen to focus on your mixed nature, but this will be at that level. The only other real difference, regardless of the two credentials, maybe the inclusion of the 12.3-inch digital meter configured as standard equipment. This will contain a different software, which must comply with the nature of the electric vehicle. It should show items such as battery range, charge status, energy recovery status, etc. It will also provide information on the different management modes.

In this observation, although the second generation of the Tiguan thought of more space in the interior, including the 58.5 cubic meters of the cargo chamber with lower seats, the internal part of the PHEV may be slightly smaller due to the need to leave space for electric motor and a small battery. Whether this is true or not, but plan better for an inch loss here or there in comparison.

It will not be impossible for VW to improve the technology that was found in the concept two years ago so that the battery with 12 kWh can increase up to 18 or 20 kWh. There is no information about what the PHEV will specifically promote, but this concept was driven by a 1.4-liter petrol engine that was combined with a battery and an electric motor. It was said that the total production system is still near 200 to 215 horsepower. We expect the same type of output power in the production model, as it does not provide more than 230 horsepower on the high side of things. However, it will have an electric motor, so it can be a small monster with torque, so torque numbers can easily reach a 300-pound-foot range.

What will be equally important is the full electric range and battery size. It will not be impossible for VW to improve the technology that was found in the concept two years ago so that the battery with 12 kWh can increase up to 18 or 20 kWh. With a 13 kWh battery of up to 31 miles, the slightly larger battery can move this figure to the low 1940s. However, do not expect the electrical speed to exceed 80 mph.

Things must be great at the forefront of fuel efficiency. This concept will burn from 1.9 liters per 100 km or up to 124 mpg, and this concept has a sunroof that will help keep battery charging, but not as efficient as you might think. According to Volkswagen, the roof of the concept could add as much as 621 miles a year. That’s less than two extra miles a day, so nothing really matters.

The Tiguan price is currently priced between $ 24,595 and $ 37,500. With the current cost of wattage components, GTE is likely to be the most expensive PHEV version of the Tiguan available. Expect prices to start at least $ 40,000 before options, taxes, and delivery.

When Volkswagen introduced the second generation of Tiguan for 2016, it appeared for the first time together with the Tiguan PHEV GTE Concept, a model that works as a preview of the next PHEV Tetuan. Now, it seems that the production version of the PHEV Tiguan is about to debut, as a yellow tour through the streets is observed. As you can see, it is not so different from the standard Tiguan, but it has its differences. If this concept is a representation of what we can expect, it is clear that the production model should provide between 210 and 220 horsepower and provide up to 30 miles of full electric range for those of you on a short trip.

Do you know how to discover an electric or partial electric car? Just take a look at the front end and find these three loops through false air intakes on the front fascia. They are there in Golf GTE as well. With this in mind, that is, literally speaking, the main characteristic specified in the PHEV. In addition to that, you will notice that it also contains the LED lights around these side openings as well. They are not as big as those of the concept, but they have made production. When the standard model, at the entry-level, has a completely black antenna plug, the PHEV contains a pair of chrome vents.

Outside of this, the front end is identical to the model without the plug-in. It has the same wide headlights with LED lights off, the same curved lines on the hood, and you can not miss the large chrome logo on the radiator grille.

With that in mind, there is nothing different on the side either. There is a small chrome plate that moves from the front bumper to the front door. The mirrors are double-colored and cut around the chrome windows too. This prototype was rolling over the official edges in black and chrome, so we have a full view here. About the return, it’s more of the same. The chrome trim of the doors wraps around the rear fascia, and the only other real difference is the double exhaust envelopes as it did in the chrome.

Knowing that VW, nothing within the PHEV will differ from the standard model. In this case, this is not a bad thing, however. When Volkswagen updated the 2016 Tiguan, it did a great job at home, making it a truly modern transformation. The police are light and wide with a small central pile. The information and entertainment screen is very small, but the higher cut levels have an 8-inch multimedia screen that completely cuts out all those physical buttons on both sides. It has a thin central controller to provide additional space, and the seats actually provide a reasonable amount of support for a vehicle from this side. The seats and panels can be trimmed doors in different colors, which makes things really good thanks to the design of two colors above and below the belt line. The standard model also comes with a range of semiconductor devices.

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